This site is dedicated to the memory of one of America's lesser-known but equally important founding fathers, Brigadier General Andrew Pickens of South Carolina. General Pickens was an important military tactician, statesman, and community and church leader, whose achievements were significant in American history.  His life and military exploits are roughly portrayed in the film, The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson, but the real story of Andrew Pickens is equally worth knowing.

Signature of Andrew Pickens, "your obedient servant."

General Andrew Pickens


Andrew Pickens was born in 1739 in Pennsylvania.  His family settled near the North and South Carolina border when he was a boy. He grew up in the frontier to become an important militia leader in the American Revolution.  Pickens, together with fellow South Carolinians, Francis Marion and Thomas Sumpter, led area militias who were critical in the defeat of the British and the birth of America. 


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